The Male Experience creates a blend of fantasy and reality in a high-end, one-of-a-kind choreographed performance taking you to the next level of world class entertainment. All while giving back to the community!

The Male Experience is passionate about giving back to communities. Anyone can visit a town, put on a show, and leave. At The Male Experience, we give back. It is our mission to provide a meal to homeless and those in need. We organize with local persons and foundations to provide food and help to those in need of a meal.

Why simply come and go? We are passionate about giving back and community. This is why we help those in need at each city and town we visit.

About The Male Experience:

The Male Experience is an ensemble of talented, sexy, entertaining, male entertainers.
The show focuses on entertaining, not merely stripping. After all, anyone can take their clothes off. It takes someone special to truly entertain an audience and create a sexy fantasy.
With The Male Experience, this is what we provide.

– Zero nudity. No G-strings.
– We keep it clean and the privates covered.

An attention grabbing, entertaining show you will not want to miss!

Prior Performances Include:

– International shows with Cat and Nat sponsored by Live Nation.
– Domestic tours with Cat and Nat sponsored by Live Nation.
– 16+ year standing Valentine’s Day show residency at Toppers in Athens, GA.

– 10+ years of tours with shows featured at Casinos, Theaters, Nightclubs, and bars throughout the United States.
– Part of Men and Mimosas, the Men of Sapphire show in New York, NY.

– Plus many more!